About Me

Hi 👋, I am Dharmen Shah

I am a Front-end Developer. I like to work on Web stuff (HTML, CSS, JS), Angular, React, Bootstrap, and SCSS. I also love to contribute to Open-Source Projects and sometimes write articles.

Over the past 6 years,

I've worked in different companies on different roles, ranging from support to developer to team-lead.

Right now, I am working as Sr. Front-end Developer, crafting a suit of products for a global customer-base to provide fast, reliable and robust solutions. Mainly I am working on Angular, SCSS and Bootstrap here, I love that stack.

Before that, I was Full Stack Developer. I was responsible for front part of an enterprise web application. I learned, and worked on React.

I once also led frontend team at a startup. We were building a solid GST Portal there, for all the platforms, web, desktop, tablet, mobile, and offline too. I actually started my professional development journey from here.

Before that I was in a support and maintenance project at an MNC, for 3 years. I was working on SAP WEBI/BI and Tableau.

shhdharmen.me is my website.

You can check my projects on Github. You can also find me on twitter, linkedin, stackoverflow, dev.to, medium, and codepen


I love to ride my Classic 350. I love to cook Punjabi, Continental, Mexican and Italian food, especially on weekends. In music, I listen Hindi rap and 90s pop most of the time.