Announcing @ngneat/avvvatars

Beautifully crafted unique avatar placeholder for your next angular project.


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Announcing @ngneat/avvvatars

🌈 40 Colors
πŸ’  60 Shapes
πŸ†Ž Text or Shapes
🀠 Unique to user
✍️ Customizable


With yarn

yarn add @ngneat/avvvatars

With npm

npm install @ngneat/avvvatars

Getting Started

Import @ngneat/avvvatars to your app, then use it anywhere you want.

Explainimport { AvvvatarsComponent } from '@ngneat/avvvatars';

  selector: 'app-root',
  standalone: true,
  imports: [AvvvatarsComponent],
  template: `
  <avvvatars value=""></avvvatars>
export class AppComponent {}

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